Where will a tattoo hurt the least

Getting tattoo on these places can be very painful. Where do tattoos hurt the most. So it depends on your own pain thresh hold but a quick fact.

Yes, the amount of pain depends on where you get them and obviously, your pain threshold.

Where will a tattoo hurt the least
Just wondering which would hurt least. But a few still prefer to use such devices to store and view photos. You will still get some ink, but it wont hurt as much.

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Where will a tattoo hurt the least #1
Also have you got any ideas for a tattoo. The most painful spot on your finger is the one near the bone. Before I decided to have the sign I wanted on my body, I did some research on where I would want it done. Nyes, i just got one on my wrist.

Extremely fleshy and loose areas are also likely to hurt more than the areas mentioned in the section above.

The area where there are bones near the skin will have a more pain. But thats nothing compared to other spots on your body.