Joomla image in article title

The solution for this problem is called a template override. You can also specify placement for images, take a look at Intro Image Float and Full Text Image Float settings. In your Joomla back-end navigate Content - Articles and click on the Options button at top right.
Joomla image in article title
Click Articles in the left menu. Thats it, now this article will not show an article title.
Paranormal pink color on person photos. How to enable intro images in Joomla article. The idea is to make copies of certain Joomla. In the top tabs click on Options.

However, this feature provides a simple way of inserting images stored in the images directory of your Joomla installation.

Joomla image in article title #2
Core files, modify them rearrange code blocks and save them in specific places. Standard layout Article title, then intro image. Built in bench seat kitchen window check more at bay design.