Sascha wurzinger photography

Sascha Wurzinger is on Mixcloud. FAN Sascha to stay up-to-date with his latest looks. This picture was taken at a workshop of Sacha Leyendecker.
Sascha wurzinger photography #2
Some time back I tried to identify the elements of what makes a good photo as a means of being able to leverage those elements better in my photography. On of the greatest models Ive ever shouted. Atelier Querstrich Vitos Kliniken. Wolfgang bei Erste Langzeiterfahrung Canyon Aeroad CF SLX.

Landscape, people and street photography by Sascha Schroeder, with an online shop for picture downloads.

Frank bei Erste Langzeiterfahrung Canyon Aeroad CF SLX.

Sacha is the godfather of available light photography.

Sascha wurzinger photography
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