Imx6 android image

I got the error is the boot partition is too small to copy. Plug the created SD card to the holder on the edge, connect the board with the PC via serial console. With this guideline, user will be able to setup the system easily and test all the functions with the system. Please contact us if you have any difficulties with these images.

Started for the source code download.

This will be the final SD card partitioning layout at the end of installation procedure. Each of them is a link to a blog post describing the image, where to get it, and how to create an SD card image. Download MfgTool for Android from Hyperlink below MfgTool for Android.

Please copy all of them to path Android-MfgToolsImagesmarcandroid of MfgTool folder.

Imx6 android image
Complete the set up screens according to your TV and home networks configuration. Please make a folder for storing the source code first then typing the command below to get.