Gif image not displayed in ie

Instead, a red X, or a placeholder, may appear in place of the images. Other gif files are opening fine from IE and are being rendered in my WEb App properly. Most browsers handled this mislabeling by gracef. Some of the jpeg and gif images on certain website are displayed in all black.
I had downloaded gifview, tried to run, but there was no further movement to the program. Fascinating Photos of The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone by Jeffrey Garriock. This is a draft, not a finalized post.
When you view a website that contains animated GIF files, the animated GIF files are not displayed. Zip and save it to the Desktop. I have been given a set of GIF images to put on a site as downloadable banners. Do you have any suggestion how to solve the problem. In this video, let's look at the brutalism design trend that is finally coming to America.

I even tried removing the height and width info from the script to see if that made a difference but it didn't.

Gif image not displayed in ie
Html file the GIFs display in all browsers On my local Apache server. Both gif and png do display in IE, it attribute to mycomputer or IE browser. Fortunately, I remembered a similar problem in the past that I spent way too long figuring out. BIGtruck got the chance to shoot exclusive pictures, not yet seen anywhere else. Gif, its showing the following symbol red X mark.